Chinese New Year Chant

My dad decided that we would attend the Chinese New Year chant on the first morning of Chinese New Year at Sitiawan Buddhist Association (实兆远佛教会 shí zhào yuǎn fó jiào huì) in our town so we had to skip reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve this year (again). Not complaining though, both are great occasions but were held at different times and places so you gotta choose one. 

The CNY chant is an annual thing at the Buddhist association and it's not our first this year. After chanting the Sutra of the Medicine Buddha (药师琉璃光如来本愿功德 yào shī liú lí guāng rú lái běn yuàn ɡōnɡ dé jīng) all morning and a brief greeting from the Master (法师 fǎ shī) , a feast of home-cooked vegetarian lunch was served. 

Sitiawan Buddhist Association is a rather huge building with a lot of facilities for different functions. I used to join the Buddhist camps and help out at the Sunday Children's Dharma Class there when I was around 16. So it was the kind of day when you bump into people you used to know but not really anymore and as the awkward person I am I was hoping all the time that no one would ask me about my future plans (gosh I've become so antisocial). 

In the evening about 5pm we finally left for my grandma's where we spent the rest of our CNY holidays, which I will blog about next, stay tuned! 

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  1. What a great way to celebrate CNY! and the lunch looks delicious!