CNY 35mm Film

Feb 21    |    Day 3 of CNY (初三 chū sān)

Photos taken around 4 o'clock in the afternoon during our separate meal time after running all the errands.  

Feb 22    |    Day 4 of CNY (初四 chū sì)

Taken during a visit at my dad's friend's house. Not sure if these school shoes belonged to the daughter of the family or the neighbour.

Feb 25    |    Day 7 of CNY (初七 chū qī)

At 7:30am after we dropped my sister off at Sungai Petani bus station so she could go on a Penang trip with her uni friends, we made our way heading back to Sitiawan. Last pic shows my favourite wantan mee (云吞面 yún tūn miàn) ever. We love stopping by Pantai Remis at Nam Seng Kopitiam (南盛咖啡店 nán shèng kā fēi diàn) to have the noodles for breakfast if the schedule allows.


  1. I love the photo of the green truck- so striking!

    -Ashley |

  2. Really love these photos!
    just discovered and really like your blog!

  3. Really love film photos <3 It really helps keeping memories in the meaningful way isnt it? :)