Day 2 At Colmar Tropicale

Here we go, another delayed post from 2013. I was going to do a "two years ago today I was at..." but legit missed the "today" which was supposed to be March 24th...

What's new.

The morning walk after breakfast on the second day turned out to be wearying because we had to walk uphill to the Botanical Garden. Strolling in the garden you feel like you're a tiny human in a xanadu of tropical flora and fauna. The plants are marked with their Scientific names and you can even bird watch (bring your own equipment), you'll have a truly enriching experience there as long as you make enough preparations in preventing mosquitoes bites.  

Then we proceeded to the Japanese Village which was located 3500 feet above sea level. The place was created to imitate a Japanese house yard/garden. With its tranquil pond and cute rock pathways, and Tea Ceremony for guests to participate in, it's no wonder tourists are more attracted to the Japanese Village than the Botanical Garden (also the reason why I couldn't get any decent photo of the environment, oh well). 

If you're a local I would really recommend Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi as a new holiday experience. 

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