Next Move

I was waiting anxiously for the response from RMIT when the bad news crept into my inbox last Friday.

To those who didn't know about me applying for BFA at RMIT University, here's the story. A looooong one.

Studying overseas or going overseas or living overseas has been my dream in general and when my dad agreed to send me to get a degree in Australia (the premise is that he would pay for my tuition fees only), I picked Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology because the city campus seems to be the most ideal campus for me.

I was torn between BP201ES (expanded studio practice: drawing, media arts, painting, video art) and BP201PI (print imaging practice: fine art photography, printmaking), two of the four Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programs offered so I applied for both with my recent work in hopes that I would get in either one with advanced standing as I am already a Diploma in Fine Art holder.

It was last year's Christmas when I went to seek help from AUG the education agent to assist me through the application process and it took almost 2 months for RMIT to get back to me about my application outcome. The intake I applied for was March intake so when I didn't hear any answer from them (it was February already) I started getting nervous and was looking for RMIT students all over the internet just to get an idea of "if RMIT is hard to get in or they're just slow". Apparently it's both.

After a long wait, finally on Feb 13 I got informed about my BP201ES application outcome:

Surprised, since I'm pretty proud of my own paintings and drawings myself, however I still kept my fingers crossed for my other application. On Feb 26, I received a proper offer letter from RMIT saying I'm to be enrolled in BP201PI Semester 1, 2015 (02/03/2015-10/11/2017) but it was too late, the offer came in around the time when I figured I should be doing something instead of just sitting at home so I went to find a job and got myself hired for a month (March). Does anyone else find it strange and ridiculous that they only sent the offer 4 days before class started?? 

So, I couldn't leave for March intake even though I've got an offer. Sad but it's okay because I wasn't given credit transfer in the offer, not like I have the time or money for another full-year course anyway, so I went through the hassle of filling in the change of application form, having it scanned and then sent back to AUG. I deferred my offer to July intake with a credit transfer appeal, again hoping that I would be granted credit transfer/advanced standing.

I also wrote personally to RMIT team asking what could possibly be the reason that I wasn't eligible for credit exemptions. In 5 days time, they replied me:
If you wish to prefer to the July intake, please log in to your iApply portal and change your application intake to July. This time you will be assessed for credit transfer.

On Mar 10 I was sent an offer for Semester 1, 2016. Wait, I deferred to July 2015, not 2016? AUG had been doing all the procedures on behalf of me so I informed them about that and later RMIT got it right (it showed Semester 2, 2015 on my RMIT iApply portal which meant I was being assessed for advanced standing).

I was holding my hopes up too high for a while there. Until this greeted me last Friday (Apr 17) noon:

And then followed by a conditional offer for BP201PI Semester 1, 2016.

In the end I'm still ineligible for advanced standing. But why? Was my work too weak to reach the standard? Did what I study in my previous college not match the course syllabus? Either way, things got clearer now. Most of the applications for my desire unis had already closed when I started looking for a uni last November, which means no more studying abroad, at least not now. Forget about studies, portfolio is what's important and you can start always work on your portfolio whether or not you're in uni.

So what's my plan now? Well, ever since I picked up film photography I've been really into it and as much as i want to start painting again, I'm in the mood to shoot more and start some (personal) photography projects. I wish to gain benefits from this passion as I grow.

What I've been doing this past few days is looking up both local and international artists and photographers and I have been feeling inspired than ever. My (recent) favourites are Lukas MarxtJohannes LangkampAngex LinMasato ShigemoryInes JakovljevićMisma Andrews to name a few!

I have been searching for photographer/videographer jobs as well and I will grab every opportunity that comes my way (anyone wanna collab holla at me). To be honest, I feel like I want to do everything, from film photography, painting, installation,  sculpture, web design to video making, I want to try them all, oh the problem of too much inspiration! 


  1. Good luck! So glad you have found what you want to do, I am still uhming and ahring about my future plans! x

  2. Hang in there, you'll get where you want to be someday! x