From Lumut to Taiping

Last month while I was sitting at home doing nothing my friend Sosh asked if I wanted to tag along to Penang for a day (specifically, we went there for a facial treatment) so I thought why not. Sosh lives in Taiping which is two hours away from where I live and is nearer to Penang so I had to go over to her place.

Considering the fact that I can't drive and I didn't want to trouble my mum for driving me, I opted for the bus. Most people own a car nowadays (ok except me), so there was not much information about public transport in Perak on the internet, let alone old bus companies that still operate, but thankfully I found the bus routes on


The Blue Omnibus number 84 was exactly what I was looking for. My destination was Taiping, my location (Sitiawan) was between Pantai Remis and Lumut, so I decided I would wait for the bus at Lumut bus terminal which is only 15 minutes from my house, perfect. 

Old buses like this don't have a fixed schedule so I called the office to ask about the approximate departure time (the call was unfriendly, ughh old locals) and went to the bus terminal a little early to make sure I didn't miss it. The bus came at 9:25am and about five other passengers boarded the same bus with me. 

Funny how I then learnt that I could have just waited at one of the bus stops in my town instead of the bus terminal in Lumut because the bus was going to pass by Sitiawan anyway. Well there is always a first time!

Old buses mean natural free air conditioning. My face nearly turned numb after 2 hours of wind blowing in my face. And apparently I suck at taking photos on moving vehicles.

The bus ticket from Lumut to Taiping costed RM10 but the ticket lady told us to switch buses for those who wanted to get to Taiping when the bus stopped at Pantai Remis so we did.

While waiting for our next bus, my film camera batteries suddenly died on me but luckily that was after I got the images of the old Blue Omnibus and their Pantai Remis branch office. 20 minutes later, our bus came and it turned out to be a new version of the Blue Omnibus! Yay for new cushions and air cond!

Again I was lucky to have brought my DSLR with me so I managed to take pics of the new Blue Omnibus.

taken with Nikon D5100
taken with Nikon D5100
It was noon by the time I reached Taiping bus terminal. Sosh drove me to get orange chicken rice for lunch and I was so ecstatic to finally ate something after the cereals at 8 in the morning. Then we went to get new batteries for my film camera but shame I wish I had more than 4 exposures left in my camera - Taiping is a beautiful town to capture!

We headed to Penang at 2.10pm and got back at night.

After visiting Taiping Lake Gardens the next morning I travelled back to my town again by bus. This time the second bus I took was of another company so the bus fares costed me RM11 (RM5.50 for each ride). Last pic shows the blue ticket from Lumut to Taiping and the rest are the tickets from Taiping to Sitiawan.

hate myself for being unable to drive but who knows it could lead to such adventure! I believe most of you youngsters from Malaysia have never taken a bus ride from a small town to another (Penang and KL aside) but try it some time it's a fun experience!

scanned with Canon printer


  1. you took some cool photos! that sucks there was no air conditioning! :(

  2. Your life looks incredible! I am so jealous... I hope to visit a place like this sometime in my life as well:)

  3. You really have some lovely shots for the bus. I took the blue omnibus from pantai - taiping 2 years back, it was really fun although there isn't any air conditioning. Listening to the metal clinging, feeling the wind on my face, and enjoying the leather seat from the 70's and 80's (like those in barbershop when we were young). Then realise how much our live has changed. =)

  4. Cool this will be a special experience!!

  5. Is the no.84 still in service till date?