Somehow I got anxiety sleeping alone in the room in George Town I rented back in March, like I had this fear out of nowhere and my heart would start beating rapidly all of a sudden. For a few nights I had to sleep with the lights on when my roommate went back to her hometown. It was a really terrifying experience. 

Only until my college friends were back in Penang for our college juniors' graduation exhibition at Penang Times Square I didn't have to sleep alone for once. The night before the exhibition we hanged out by the beach and then headed back to a friend's hostel for a sleepover. 

I couldn't believe it's been one month since the exhibition! Despite my 12pm-9pm job I took the time to go to their showcase one morning together with other college friends. I had to say I was pretty impressed by the photography work of the graphic students from this batch (check out their fb page Va Va Voom for more work). It was a shame I didn't have enough time to take a pic with my juniors from fine art department though!

So my friend's hostel is a 3-storey private property located in a pretty neighbourhood in Pulau Tikus, the landed houses in the area were so beautiful I couldn't resist taking pictures everywhere. When someone mentions Penang architecture it's always about the heritage shophouses seen in town but I find the old houses (both terrace and bungalow) really beautiful too (look at the tiny gate in the last pic)!