Wesak Day in Malaysia

Here in my town we usually celebrate Wesak Day for three days at Sum Poh Kong Temple (三宝宫 sān bǎo gōng) which is a Theravada/Hinayana Buddhist temple.  

Now there are some significant differences between Theravada (南传佛教小乘佛教 nán chuán fó jiào / xiǎo chénɡ fó jiào) and Mahayana Buddhism (北传佛教大乘佛教 běi chuán fó jiào / dà chénɡ fó jiào) but the only one that I know of is that Theravada monks are allowed to consume certain meat which we call the "Triply Clean Meat" (三净肉 sān jìng ròu) if:
1. They have not seen the act of killing. 
2. They have not heard the sound of killing. 
3. The animal is not killed specifically for them.  
But of course that doesn't mean you can offer Theravada monks meat as a joke. (Who even does that?)

These two schools of Buddhism may teach different practices due to different time, culture and customs but both still follow the same fundamental teachings of the Buddha. If you want to know more about the comparison you can click here for summaries

Each year around a thousand of devotees flock to Sum Poh Kong Temple for chanting, Buddha bathing, Saffron robes offerings, butter lamp offerings and walking meditation in celebration of the three major events in Buddha’s life. Free vegetarian lunch will be provided and sometimes there will be other activities like blood donation, captives freeing and Buddhism books and CDs giveaways as well. 

Prince Siddhartha Gautama's birth 
Buddha's enlightenment / Nirvāṇa
Parinirvāṇa (there were supposed to be more monks haha)
ice cream vendor at the temple!