Free Uber Rides (Updated 22/9/15)

Have you been hearing a lot about Uber but have no idea what it is? Well Uber is basically a service that provides you your own private drivers anytime and anywhere! Just one click and your private transport is ready within minutes

Uber is unlike any other taxi app. In fact, it's not a taxi app at all. The company doesn't own any car but it's a safe and reliable system with the use of GPS technology. When an Uber driver accepts your request you will be informed who (and what car) is coming to pick you up and your whole journey will be tracked in the app till the end of the trip. After a ride you will be able to rate your driver and same goes to the driver to ensure quality on both ends. A receipt will then be issued to your email address and the fare (if any) will be automatically deducted from your bank account so don't worry about not having enough cash. It's safe and fun at the same time! 

I knew Uber from Twitter and Snapchat and I am so excited that Uber is now available in Penang, yes Penang! They launched in May and I have since personally rode Uber twice after reading positive feedback from other riders.

For my first Uber ride I tried to key in my friend Darren's promo code but somehow it didn't work so I used another code from a NYC guy Steven (@fthrstv on Twitter) and to my surprise it worked, apparently personal promo codes work internationally. And so I got a free ride that was worth RM20 how cool is that! Though my ride costed only RM9.96 as stated in the fare breakdown email above.

My second ride was a bit of a fail. I was in a rush and the promo code I applied turned out to be expired 3 days ago so no free ride for me. Yes it was my fault for not checking the code's validity beforehand but it would be nice and convenient if code details were shown in the Uber app... Then again this could be some kind of business tactic. RM10.60 was so much cheaper than normal taxi fare for this distance hence not complaining! 

So how do you go Uber? 

a debit/credit card 
internet access ✓

Everything checked? 
Now just download the Uber app from your app market or sign up here with your email, phone number and credit card details and then you are ready to request your first Uber! 

To redeem your first free ride, key in my code uberXsydney in the promotion bar and you'll get a RM20 ride
Update 3/7/15: Uber doubled the reward you can now get a RM40 free ride instead of RM20 if you sign up with my code  uberXsydney within July!
Update 6/8/15: The RM40 free ride promotion now extends to 31st of August! Use uberXSydney

As for your next rides, you can still ride for free use these following codes depending on your location
Penang: UBERLAUNCHPG for 5 x RM10 free rides (29 June - 1 July)
Penang: UBERFREEWEEKPG for unlimited RM20 free rides (29 June - 5 July)
Klang Valley: MYUBERRAMADAN in Klang Valley for unlimited RM25 free rides (4pm-9pm till 30 June)
Pasir Gudang: UBERPASIRGUDANG for 3 x RM20 free rides (till 30 June)
Johor Bahru: JB5FREERIDES for 5 x RM5 free rides (till 30 June)
Update 6/8/15Penang: UBERINTHEEVENINGPG for RM15 free rides (6pm-9pm till 18 Aug)
Update 7/9/15Penang: UBERAROUNDPG for 8 x RM10 free rides in Tanjung Bungah, Tanjung Tokong, George Town, Jelutong, Gelugor & Queensbay Mall only (till 20 Sep)
Update 22/9/15: Penang: UBERINTHEMORNING for 3 x RM15 free rides (7am-10am till 6 Oct) 

Have fun Uber-ing!


  1. oh wow! They are expanding to Penang as well. Awesome! :DDD

  2. I though they have been suspended by the government?
    By Deus