Esteban's First Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

I have met so many wonderful people thanks to my job I actually never wanna quit. I met a guy Bob from Borneo who was sweet and insisted on giving me a tribal handmade belt/band as a gift before he left Penang. And then this French guy Esteban who asked me if I could show him around Penang to get some good food because he just arrived a couple of days ago with his friends. 

Esteban said some man invited him to a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration and he'd like me to go along so after work we went around looking for that man but he didn't turn up so we went straight to the venue instead. Turns out it's an event held by a political party MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) and even though we didn't know anyone there we were welcomed with warm greetings (and we continued looking for that ma, people there denied he was one of them but we found him anyway). 

There was a variety of free food choices and we tried char kuey kak(炒粿角 chǎo guǒ jiǎo), Hokkien mee(福建面 fú jiàn miàn)and mooncakes and Esteban decided that spicy really wasn't his thing. Throughout the night there were Chinese speeches which Esteban listened carefully as if he understood and we sat front rows at the magic show for kids. Little paper tanglung(灯笼 dēng lóng)were also passed around so everyone there also got to light up their own and hang them up.

After thanking the people in charge there for a good time, Esteban brought home a little lantern as souvenir and we sat down and talked at a nearby mamak stall. Esteban told me about how he couchsurfed while travelling and that they would have to leave for Thailand soon as the haze in Penang wasn't suitable for their hiking plans. We hugged and wished each other well as I showed Esteban the direction to the bus terminal before parting our ways. 

Sometimes random encounters like this make me smile.

Taken with Lomolitos and Fujifilm Superia 200

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