Party Lorong 3 - MoonWalk

Last month Terrance and I decided to visit Party Lorong the art bazaar after work. We didn't do our homework so we ended up going to the wrong direction and arrived at the venue all exhausted and hungry, when we could have taken their free shuttle service. 

I was there for the first year they organised the event but didn't hear anything about the second event the next year. This year it seemed to be more vibrant, there were more booths selling handcrafts, paintings, local food, prints, books, CDs, and there was even a live band. Terrance got herself a copy of the super cute Penang Colouring Book while I wasn't sure what to spend on. There were also more talented artists selling their artworks and doing live drawing and one of my favourites had to be Cristjen who is very good at portraits! (A few days later he came into my shop with other artists but I hate myself for being too awkward to chat them up.)

Taken with Lomolitos and Fujicolour 100 業務用

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