Balik Pulau Road Trip

We were gonna visit Penang Butterfly Farm (aka Entopia) at Teluk Bahang but then I found out it's under renovation and won't be open until next year so we went to see dairy goats at Balik Pulau instead.

This was my first time in Balik Pulau if my memory didn't fail me because to me it's like a total different place than the Penang we normally see. The mountain road to the town was winding, a bit like the one to Batu Ferringhi, you could see the scenic view flashing by and it felt like it's taking forever to reach. And when we first reached the town there was this small monument roundabout and cars could be seen parked in the middle of the main street. 

First we visited Saanen Dairy Goat Farm which isn't a very huge farm as they are just a family business. They had goats of all ages, most were kept in the pens but there were also some young ones hopping here and there freely and they're just so precious!

I think it's so fun to walk around the wooden goat houses on stilts and you are allowed to pet and feed the goats, apparently you can witness milking process too around noon every day which is a bonus.

The farm owner came off as really friendly and other than goats he has some dogs (white Poodles!) and other pets as well like bunnies, prairie dog and guinea pigs. Admission is free so I guess it'd be nice to support their goat products so we tried the fresh goat milk which to my surprise (as someone who thinks milk is gross) didn't taste like cow milk hence acceptable for me.

We spent about an hour at Saanen Dairy Goat Farm and then headed to Audi Dream Farm. We literally only came across it on Google as we didn't have in mind where to go next. It's a newly opened leisure farm and some areas were still under construction. There was an entrance fee of RM7 per person and they charged RM1 for each packet of animal feed (fish, chicken, rabbit). 

It's a rather large place and there were more animals here, some of which included deer, geese, ducks, goats and a variety of extraordinary birds (like you've never see before!). It's a shame the deer seemed to be afraid of people and wouldn't come near the fence. The bunnies were cute and the geese made me laugh so much just by honking. I don't think the goats here were dairy goats though. We witnessed two adult mountain goats fighting and I felt so sorry for the one backing off.

While on our way back we pulled over at Anjung Indah viewpoint which gave you a spectacular view of Balik Pulau down below unfortunately my photos turned out foggy. Balik Pulau is such an authentic town I sure hope to come back for more!

Photos taken with Fujifilm Superia 200 and Canon Canonet QL17 GIII


  1. The photos are amaizig * loved it :D

  2. lovely scenery!! happy new year!