Christmas Eve

You know how some people don't celebrate some holidays but they like to join in the fun yeah that's me on Christmas. This year I spent my Christmas Eve with my colleagues Milline and Han and Han's funny friends at our workplace ChinaHouse. We had yummy Indian pizza and some cakes (oh the tiramisu) and bartender Shidi made us this delicious drink called Liquid Gold and we joked and laughed a lot, what's best was that our manager Robert waived our bill so we only had to pay for tax! Now I really love this job!

Taken with Lomolitos and Kodak Color Plus 100

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  1. i love your photo Sydney! you really have an eye for photography. the details and textures of film camera is simply amazing. I haven't shot with my film for ages, now i can't wait to go back to it! so inspiring :)