Cool Peeps

December was cool as I was introduced some of the people from the local art community through my colleague aka the illustrator Milline Low and time spent together with them was just fun and amazing. After work me and Milline would drop by this little cafe Narrow Marrow with a rustic vibe owned by Alvin and Jamie where these cool peeps usually meet up to have a chat and I would watch them doodle and very often they would encourage me to pick up the pencil too.

One of those nights we visited kangblabla and bibichun's studio home and then headed to this private party at one of their French mate's place. It was one of the most eccentric places I have ever been to other than my Mexican lecturer Ricardo's home. I didn't really know him but he was friendly and made us rum mixed with different kinds of fruits. He also taught us to make this drink ourselves which name I can't really recall as it's in French but it means something like "do your own death".

When we reached it was just us but more and more people came in as it got darker and eventually the place was filled with hugs and laughter and chatter. Strange how those faces I only used to be familiar with now know of my existence as well.

The rum was really good and I drank so much I kept feeling the urge so I ended up emptying my bladder three times in the alley as there was no toilet for guests and I also smoked shisha for the first time but I didn't find anything special about it. 

We drank and chatted into the night and it sure was one of the weirdest and coolest party ever.

Taken with Lomolitos and Kodak Color Plus 100 

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