Opening Reception: who is she

Last Friday night my first ever curation came to live with the help and support of so many wonderful people I can't be thankful enough really. When my superior first asked me to curate a show I wasn't quite confident but I'm glad I took the chance and did it anyway! 

It's an all girls group exhibition and it's based on the theme of female sexuality and femininity not as a whole but from the experiences of the 10 showcasing artists who are only 25 and below. The featured artworks vary from painting, embroidery to audio so do come by to check out these amazing talents!

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening night and for those who wonder, the show runs until 20 March. 

ChinaHouse Art Space I
153 Beach Street
10300 George Town

Taken with Nikon D5100


  1. I've been to ChinaHouse a few years ago! It's cool to have an exhibition there :) too bad I wouldn't be able to be there myself, anyways congrats!!

  2. this looks so cool! congratulations!

    alexius. xx
    organic hearts