3 Days in KL

Feb has been a busy and blessed month. After spending the first few weeks preparing for my first curation who is she and my group art exposition death by kuih, me and Milline took a break and went on a three days trip to KL. 

When Milline first told me she needed to apply for her UK visa in KL I was thinking of visiting a Dr Martens bundle store and also getting my septum pierced so I just tagged along. We came across a RM29 KL to Penang flight so we decided to take the new KTM to KL (it was the slower ETS which costed RM59) and then come back by plane.

After we got off the train Milline went to hang out with her old friend while my friend SinThen picked me up to model for her college assignment and I got to meet so many of her friends and guess what one of them has the same name as my brother (Watson) which is unbelievable! After the photoshoot we drove to Publika for dinner. It started raining and the sky became an orangey backdrop for the skyscrapers and it made me feel like a kampung girl in a big city. 

The second day was filled with a busier schedule, we visited a lot of places and on the third day we only had some time before getting on our bus to KLIA2 and we dropped by Weiling Gallery. For two nights we stayed at PODs The Backpackers Home which I don't think is very safe but you may consider it for its convenient location as it is legit only a 3 minutes walk to NU Sentral lift.

Wow I feel like I'm such a bad travel partner for not doing homework before the trip hence a lot of incidents happened like forgetting my power bank, getting off at the wrong LRT station and had to walk a distance and almost missing my piercer. Shout out to Milline for putting up with me!

At least we managed to get our to-do-list done and also visited two galleries :-)

Taken with Canon EOS 500 and Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 

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