So apparently Nic was Junk Cafe's regular and this particular night they opened just for us because Nic requested them to. It's a cool little space with lots of vintage decorations that's famous for their burgers but there was nothing except alcohol that night. I didn't order any drinks but certainly would like to try their food menu one day!

It was supposed to be a night at with ChinaHouse Kuching team who were in Penang for training but by the time they came after ChinaHouse closing it was already late and me and Milline really needed to get a rest. Shout out to yall and Robert I hope everything's well over at Kuching.

So I took these pics while waiting and listening to Nic talk about secrets that aren't really secretive and I'm kinda surprised with how they turned out as I think these are my first portraits. Canon EOS 500 is really bulky for me but the photos are sharp so I can't really complain. I'm kinda looking for a smaller point and shoot but I'm not sure??  

This post is so messy but whateverrrrr.

Taken with Canon EOS 500 and Fujiifilm Superia X-tra 400

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