Tan Jetty Sunrise

Esteban visited Penang again after having to leave last year due to the haze and he was saying he wanted to some shoots together so we met at KOMTAR at around 6:30am. Him with his Canon digital camera and me with my Canon film camera, we took the free bus to Weld Quay jetty terminal and managed to catch the sunrise at Tan Jetty (not Chew Jetty they don't welcome visitors there till 9am) but turns out landscape and scenery aren't Esteban's thing lol.

The sunrise was surreal but as I mentioend in my last post this roll wasn't developed and scanned by the usual shop and the photos came out really disappointing I don't think Portra 400 during dawn is supposed to look like this?? I'm so done.

Taken with Canon EOS 500 and Kodak Portra 400 

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