The Dogs At Work

Remember when I first got my former job at Bon Ton it kinda weirded me out to learn that you had to take care of the dogs at the outlet as well especially when the housekeeping lady wasn't in you had to walk them twice a day. Sometimes the dogs wouldn't stop barking for no reason and you wish they'd listen to your human language but you got used to it and you knew that it's not your fault the customers got scared away by the barking.

(not the shop)

Brownie had been at the outlet for a long time before my time and there's even a flyer outside saying he's the most famous dog at Armenian Street. He liked to bark at rolling wheels like when someone with push cart passed by he would bark nonstop and also he liked to bark at dark-skinned people such a racist dog. Also he probably really did think he's the most handsome and famous dog most of the time he wouldn't respond to you and wouldn't even look you in the eyes. He got skinnier around the time I was leaving I hope he's still doing okay.

Blackie was adopted some time after I started working but got sent away later to another outlet because he bit someone's arm but it's not just someone someone it was someone nice who used to take him out for a walk every evening and they said he didn't want to be back home and kept inside and that's why he went crazy and bit her but I still didn't see why would he do that. Over at another outlet he opened the gate more than once himself but he's a sweetie and wouldn't run far (if he ran away we all would be so dead).

After that my ex boss adopted another dog and we called him Chocolate he's the sweetest puppy and knew handshakes like Blackie did but after some time he tended to bark a lot at children and most times people thought it's a friendly bark but I thought otherwise. Sometimes I wish my ex boss would put all her adopted dogs in a proper shelter and hire kind people to take care of them and walk and play with them.



Taken with Lomolitos and Kodak Portra 160

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