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So after hanging around enough I am now one of the residents at Rumah Studio (rumah means house in Malay) which is an artist residence studio occupied by BibichunKangblablaThe SlizPoko and me. The cool thing about Rumah Studio is it's always alive with guests and everyone is like chill.

Anyway if you drop by Rumah Studio don't be surprised at how many scrap wood pieces are there lying around I guess that's why they came up with the idea to make use of these available resources and put together a group show literally titled Kayu (kayu means wood in Malay). 

On 2nd July the boys together with SattamaIMMJNHoo Fan Chon from Run Amok Gallery and Mohd Hasnizan Othma opened their group show (event photos here) at Hin Bus Depot Art Centre successfully (after only getting all set up done an hour before lol).

The crowd was good and after the opening we dropped by Narrow Marrow (it's Saturday!), we were so tired we called McDonald's delivery for dinner, then the night is followed by a toddy after-party at Francois' place (no photos allowed) till 4am.

(photos not taken on opening)

A few artist friends from KL who came for the show visited Rumah Studio this one night and we had so much fun playing with hand-held fireworks (thanks September!), we lighted up the dark and pretended we are the gods, we made wishes as the sparkles danced in our hand, we ran in the street trying to take long exposure photos, until we were tired and my camera died.  

text by kangblabla

*Kayu exhibition ends on 19 July 2016 (Tue) so do drop by and support local artists. Most works are affordable, in fact more than half of the 32 works on display are already sold. 

Taken with Nikon D5100

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  1. this looks so cool! i'll be sure to check it out sometime this week!

    alexius xx