Hin Pop Up

I can't believe I have been wanting to blog about my short 3 months of co-ordinating Sunday Pop Up Market at Hin Bus Depot Art Centre while I was still working there but before I know it I'm already in Bristol. 

Basically the pop up market in George Town, Penang was started in December 2015 as a means of providing small biz owners an affordable and friendly platform to showcase ideas and make collaborations happen. Initially there were only 6 independent businesses and the market gradually grew to hosting an average of 25 stalls each Sunday mainly focusing on crafts, arts and food. 

Hin Pop Up is a place where art is appreciated, you get to meet local as well as international artists, artisans, crafters and performers. The pop up market is always trying to give chances to different vendors and avoid repeating products on the same day so every Sunday is another new surprise!

To make it more fun than it is, sometimes there are other events on the market day too like live performance, hands-on workshops etc.

I had lots of fun helping out and it felt amazing to be a part of this market that brings out the creativity and entrepreneurship of Penang folks (I mean everyone as long as you have good attitude).

If you are willing to contribute to the market or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the friendly people on facebook or feel free to ask me!

I blogged about my first visit here (wow it's been so long ago) and since then some of my friends who used to be the regular vendors have moved on to bigger challenges and we were glad they did because after all that's the purpose of the market - to offer a space for startups and you can thank them later! :-)

Hin Bus Depot Sunday Pop Up Market
 June - Aug 2016

Taken with Nikon D5100

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