Golden Crane

If I had to write a book about my life it'd take forever. I have a hard time even just to recall what I have done last weekend when people ask me about it.

So this one late night was super chilly we decided to dress up in layers to go to the movies in the mall. Now let's see if I remember what film did we watch... hmm... (after 1 day) no I still can't remember a thing at all. Though I do remember me and Falah sneaked into another theatre after our movie and managed to catch the ending of Alice Through the Looking Glass which seemed sad and happy at the same time. Oh wait or was that another time as falah isn't in these photos. I'm so confused now.

Anyways we spent some time trying our luck at the arcade post-movie. Oh these money-eating machines. Sliz won a plushie though and we also picked up some found in the bags left open by the corridor.

Kodak Colorplus 200 - Olympus mju ii 
developed and scanned by Bilik Beku

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