Winter Solstice and Christmas 2016

I was very excited to be hosting someone after being hosted in Cardiff and Dublin and thankfully my first surfer Jae Young was the sweetest and most considerate surfer I could ask for. I'm so bummed I didn't take any film photos of her though. 

 Jae Young is a medical student and was travelling across the UK during her uni break. She just visited Dublin as well and I was very jealous she went to Victoria Park and saw some deer (and got attacked by them) and we found out that Chily (who was my host) was gonna be her host in Cardiff, such a coincidence!

We went grocery shopping at Asda and also asian stores and it's so funny to see Jae was very excited about Asda's cheap prices and the size of asian stores in Bristol. She made us yummy kimchi fried rice and eggrolls and joined us making tang yuan (汤圆) for Winter Solstice on the first night. The second night we made instant zha jiang mian (炸酱面) but shame it didn't taste like the authentic ones.  

Abby and I were so surprised though that Jae isn't on Fb, instagram, snapchat (she doesn't even know what it is) or twitter! Apparently most Koreans use Kakaotalk messaging app and Naver search engine a lot and that's all they need.

Jae also taught us hangul which is actually pretty easy to learn. My flatmate Abby who is a k-pop fan learnt to write our names in Korean and it's good to see they had fun talking about Korean dramas and k-pop bands. 

Jae stayed for two nights here and she was saying she could offer us accommodation if we ever visit Seoul or Busan which is awesome. I love it when you make actual friends through the internet which is why I believe mutual interests is the most important thing when couchsurfing / making a new friendship. 

On Christmas night I was just gonna stay in if Abby hadn't asked if I wanted to join her Hong Kong friends' Xmas celebration at the church so we walked all the way to Tyndale Baptist Church at Clifton only to find they were done with chorus singing and already starting dinner we were embarrassed and wanted to leave but got sat down and had the best roast ever! 

And then Anson invited us over to their flat at Frenchay (my first car ride since september!) and we made new friends and played the board game Werewolves of Millers Hollow. I played something similar before in Penang it's a really intense game this time it was a little difficult for me as they were speaking in Cantonese most of the time which killed lots of my brain cells but I'm not complaining since it gave us a chance to practice our Cantonese.

Agfa Vista 200 - Olympus mju ii
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