The Land That Time Forgot NYE

I signed up to work on New Year's Eve via a guy from my uni called Jake (hello and thanks) and it turned out to be a freaking huge dinosaur-themed party. I had no idea what it was or what I was gonna do before I got there. They assigned me to work at one of the bars and I got 4 wristbands of different colours for staff.

There were different sets playing different music genres and our bar was playing groovy remix stuff. It wasn't really busy so I got to have a look around on my break.

The venue was like a maze and it was so crowded everywhere. Some were having fun dancing, some were sitting down outside even though it was drizzling, some were queuing up for the loo, some lost their friends and were looking for them.

Some recognised me from the bar downstairs and this guy Miguel who was gonna buy a jacket off me literally recognised me from Facebook which was pretty funny. The place was so huge that we tried to get out of the room we were in but only to come back to the same spot. 

It was well fun but I left early at around 2am and yelled at some pricks on my way back who tried to harassed me. The next day I found out my surfers Matilde and Nana were there too with their friend and they came up with a conclusion that Bristol boys were more stylish than Londoners. That was a good point as I had been wondering why hadn't I seen any stylish people when I was in London as well. 

Agfa Vista 200 - Olympus mju ii
dev + sc BC

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